Tools needed: small finger bowl, emery board, nail polish, base coat, top coat and a cuticle stick (sometimes called an orange stick)


Fill the bowl with warm water and mild soap, soak your finger tips for a few minutes (until your cuticles are softened)


Dry off your hands and gently push back your cuticles with the slanted end of the orange stick (do NOT cut your cuticles for this can cause an infection)


Using the course side of the emery board file your fingernails, going in one direction. If you saw back and forth you weaken your nail and it will break very easily. File them into whatever shape you prefer, oval, squared, etc.


After filing all 10 nails use the opposite side of the emery board and gently file off the rough edges.


Open the bottom coat and scrape the brush on the sides of the bottle to remove the excess polish. Repeat that each time.


Starting with your thumb brush the polish on one side, then the other side, then down the center of the nail. Do all 10 fingers and then let the bottom coat dry completely.


After your nails are dry open your color polish and again scrape the brush on both sides. Repeat the same way of applying the color as you did with the bottom coat. Let it dry completely (if you don't wait the second coat will cause bubbles in the second coat)


When the polish is completely dry apply the second coat of color in exactly the same way. Let dry completely again.


Now open the top coat and once again scrape the brush on the sides of the bottle once again repeating each time the brush is inserted in the bottle. Apply the top coat in exactly the same manner as all the other times. Allow to dry completely.


Now sit back and admire your beautiful manicure!!!


(If you have smeared any of the polish, in a small cap, mix a couple of drops of the nail polish remover and a couple of drops of polish you used. Stir them together then dip the nail polish brush in, scrape the brush on the sides, brush over the smear till it is smooth. Let it dry completely.




Basic Manicure


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